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Studies have shown that legal support plays a vital role in the early phase of the implementation of any law. Lack of awareness about the different aspects of the law, procedures, and other technical know-how deter applicants to further the request for the information. In such situation there is a need of agents who can provide necessary support to the information-seeker to utilize the law and subsequently achieve the goals set by the RTI law. 

CCRI has established a Legal Support Desk with an aim of providing necessary support to the individual information seekers and institutions in course of requesting information. In General, the Desk deals on Legal Counseling, Legal Drafting, and Court Representation and Pleading. 

Legal support starts from legal counseling. Through legal counseling, we empower and educate concerned individuals about the scope and limitation of this right. The Desk provides support in application filing under right to information law and litigation support afterwards, where necessary. 

For those applicants who cannot prepare their application, we support in drafting their application; registration of application and further follow ups. Similarly, the Desk also looks after drafting and submission of appeal request in National Information Commission (NIC); application and writ drafting for court proceedings etc. CCRI represents the individual information seeker during the pleading in the court cases. Currently, Legal Desk has been providing legal assistance to NIC and individual information seekers.


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